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Can I open an account with Triodos Bank?

It is possible to open an account with Triodos Bank, when you live in the Netherlands. However, you should be aware that all our communications are in Dutch, because we are a Dutch bank. 
When you want to open an account with Triodos Bank Netherlands, you should be able to meet the following requirements:
·         You should have a Dutch Burger Service Number (social security number),
·         You should be able to make a first transaction of € 0,01 to your new Triodos account, from your current account. This transaction is for identification purposes; i.e., it should show your name and address. The account has to be with a European bank.  If it is not possible for you to meet these conditions, you can not open an account with our bank.

Opening the account while living in the Netherlands
Go to our website and fill in the online form. Within five days you will recieve your accountnumber with instructions how to activate your account.  

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