How do I open a current account at Triodos Bank as a Ukrainian refugee?

This information is also available in Ukrainian.

Ukrainian refugees who are 18 years or older can open a Basisbankrekening (Basic Current Account). A Basisbankrekening is the same as a regular current account, except you cannot apply for an overdraw. You can apply for the Basisbankrekening via the Application form Basic Bank Account. It is not mandatory to fill in the details of the aid agency (hulpverleningsinstantie). Please know that all our communication is in Dutch.

Read more about safe banking.

Required data
When applying for a Basic Bank Account, you need the following documents:

  • An extract from the Personal Records Database (BRP) of the municipality where you are registered
  • Proof of allocation of the Citizen Service Number (BSN)
  • An identity document. For this you can use:
    • A Ukrainian national or international passport
    • A Ukrainian national or international identity card
    • A Ukrainian Cyrillic passport or Identity Card plus a Certificate of Identity Determination issued by the Ukrainian Embassy in the Netherlands
    • A valid Ukrainian permanent residence permit plus passport
    • A valid Dutch residence permit
    • O-Document issued by the IND

Is your Ukrainian passport or identity card no longer valid? Then you can still use it for identification if it has a stamp from the Ukrainian embassy in the Netherlands.

Please note: It is mandatory to provide an address where you can receive personal mail, to ensure a safe delivery of your debit card and pin code.

Opening a bank account with Triodos means that you accept our Terms and Conditions

Processing time
The processing time of the request takes about 10 working days. After opening the account, we will send the Identifier, card and associated PIN codes in 4 separate letters to the provided address within 5 working days.

Deposit cash
Triodos Bank is a digital bank. We have no branch offices where you can deposit cash. There is an alternative to deposit cash into your current account.

You can deposit bills (no coins) via Mr Pay at a GWK Travelex office and have it transferred to your current account. Mr Pay is part of GWK Travelex and charges a fee for this. You can read about the costs and conditions for depositing cash on the GWK Travelex website.

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