Natuurderij Keizersrande

Investering/ financiering door
  • Triodos Groenfonds
ActivaklassenPrivate schuld
ImpactstrategieDuurzame voeding en landbouw
SectorBiologische landbouw
Hectares biologische landbouwgrond135
In lijn met Duurzame Ontwikkelingsdoelen (SDG's)

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Beschrijving alleen beschikbaar in het Engels.

The Keizersrande is a sustainable alliance of nature and agriculture in the floodplains. In the floodplains of the IJssel to the north of Deventer in the Netherlands, Stichting IJssellandschap (Dutch for the IJssel Landscape Foundation) is developing a unique and innovative project. Its name is Natuurderij KeizersRande. The aim of this project is to reunite nature, agriculture, ecology, economy and recreation. In the Netherlands, these interests are often only seen as conflicting. Due to the open character of the yard of the Natuurderij, the visitor and ultimate consumer can see where their food comes from. For example, they walk through the grass that the cows eat, they can see the farmer who milks the cows and they can see calves that have just been born. The farmer's wife on this versatile farm is Annette Harberink.