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Grupo Orgánico Nacional in Peru sources, processes and exports organic quinoa from a solid farmer base (over 1,000 farmers) which the company has set up, supported and monitored for more than a decade. Quinoa is an old staple food grown in the Andes area in Latin America and has become very popular around the globe because of its high nutritious value.

Grupo Orgánico Nacional works from a strong vision on implementing social and environmental improvements in a financially sustainable way. It supports traditional agricultural practices by offering the latest techniques from organic agriculture, including distribution of certified organic seeds, improvement of planting techniques and controlling specific plagues.

The farmers who deliver their produce to Grupo Orgánico Nacional can be paid immediately thanks to the trade finance provided by Triodos Sustainable Trade Fund.

KEY INDICATORS as of 31 December 2015:

- number of farmers: 3,509

- number of hectares: 4,930 hectares of sustainably

cultivated land