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J.Th. Douqué's Koffie (B.V. Douqué), founded in 1895, trades coffee from different continents. Apart from the mainstream coffees it has become a specialist for niche markets, including certified organic and fairtrade coffee from Central and South America.

In 2011, Triodos Sustainable Trade Fund provided a loan to Douqué to prefinance the export of coffee from five Bolivian organisations. These Bolivian suppliers are small organisations of coffee producers, all registered with Fair Trade Labelling Organization, to whom a long term trading relationship is essential to have market access for their coffee.

The loan from Triodos Sustainable Trade Fund strengthens this relationship in the sense that farmers receive payment at the moment of delivery of the coffee.

KEY INDICATORS as of 31 December 2015:

- number of farmers: 209 in Bolivia; 1,572 in Mexico

- number of hectares:

Bolivia has 983 hectares of sustainably cultivated land;

Mexico has 766 hectares of sustainably cultivated land