De projectbeschrijving is alleen beschikbaar in het Engels
Asociación Aldea Global Jinotega (Aldea Global) is a producer organisation whose key activity is the sourcing and exporting of premium coffee from small-scale farmers in Nicaragua to buyers in Europe and the United States. Aldea Global also focuses on gender diversity among its farmers - 20% are women. Hivos-Triodos Fund provided a loan to Aldea Global for renovation of its coffee plantation. This enables Aldea Global not only to secure long term income for its members but also to expand production area and farmer base. It is an innovative project with a strong focus on environmentally sustainable agricultural practices.

Furthermore, trade finance by the Triodos Sustainable Trade Fund allows Aldea Global to pay the farmers fairly upon delivery of the produce.

KEY INDICATORS as of 31 December 2016:

- number of loan clients: 4,229

- percentage female clients: 33%

- percentage rural clients: 99%

- average loan amount: EUR 1,259

- number of savings clients: -