Advans Ghana

Accra North,
Investering/ financiering door
  • Triodos Fair Share Fund
ActivaklassenPrivate schuld
ImpactstrategieFinanciële inclusie
Aantal bereikte kredietnemers13,554
Vrouwelijke kredietnemers61%
Kredietnemers op het platteland20%
In lijn met Duurzame Ontwikkelingsdoelen (SDG's)
  • Geen armoede

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Advans is a leading international microfinance group established in 2005, and active in countries where people lack access to fair, transparent and affordable financial products and services. Among these countries is Ghana in West Africa.

Advans Ghana’s mission is to become the preferred financial institution for small businesses, by offering microloans, SME loans and term deposits that meet the needs of these businesses. With the slogan ‘Advans is the financial partner for you and your family’, Advans also offer individuals to open a current and/or savings account, digital banking transactions and remittances.